Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum. Riviera Maya Area.

Located in the south of Mexico on the Caribbean Sea there’s an area denominated as Riviera Maya before tourism appears there were wonderful white sand beaches, plentiful wildlife, secret cenotes, and the ancient Maya Civilization living deeper in the jungle where they build big cities with high temples.

After the Spanish conquer all the ancient Mayan cities were abandoned the jungle-covered everything around and It was a desolated area until 1970 that’s when the hotel zone in Cancun was developed, different as the way it is nowadays but it’s beauty still remains; an impressive area with the sea in one side and the lagoon on the other, 30 km long where there are big hotels, restaurants, malls, parks, ancient Maya archaeological site, and even the Maya museum.

In 1993 the little fishermen town where people only take the Ferry to the famous Island of Cozumel start its development; nowadays the most famous part it’s 5th Avenue a long avenue one block away from the sea where there are shops, restaurants, bars and art murals on the buildings. Plenty of ocean views on the route.

The youngest city in the Riviera Maya area in Tulum developed for tourism near 2000 is the eco-chic destination, the Hotel area will amaze with the Boho Style, 30 km on fascinating facades, nature sculptures make this place unique.

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