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Parkrun Copenhagen is increasing in popularity and many runners join these runs when they visit Copenhagen. This is a great way to meet local Copenhagen runners and for regular parkrunners from around the world it is a great way to meet up with local people. However, sometimes, visitors decide to skip the park run, as it is too early for their holiday, they find the parkruns too far out of the city or simply in the mood for an easy run, and book our running tours as an alternative where they are picked up from their hotel, guided through Copenahgen and its many sights and all in the company of the private running guide.

Let me however first explain about the many Parkruns in Copenhagen.

Parkruns- just as the name suggests – are runs in parks. Park runs are organised in numerous countries including Denmark and at the moment we have three parkruns in Copenhagen, that are all 5 kilometres. The Parkruns are free to attend after registering on the website at least a day in advance and your run will be timed and published on the website along with some fun statistics.

Park runs started life in Bushy park, near London in 2004 and ever since they have already organised more than 100,000 events worldwide with the help of hundreds of thousands of volunteers. While their community has been growing exponentially they managed to keep the simple principles they started with.

Parkrun Copenhagen

Parkruns have been also organised in Denmark since 2009, which makes Copenhagen the first Scandinavian city to join the Parkrun community followed by the Swedish city Solna that joined in 2016.

parkrun copenhagenCopenhagen park runs are organised every Saturday at 9am in three different locations:

  • Amager Strandpark
  • Fælledparken
  • Amager Fælled

These parks are all easy to get to and offer spacious gravel paths with beautiful settings and flat course allowing you to go relatively fast. Many of the Running Copenhagen regulars are involved in Parkruns in Copenhagen and the races come with our warmest recommendations. They are easy going, friendly and for sure you will receive a warm welcome regardless of you choose Amager Strandpark, Fælledparken or Amager Fælled.

Parkrun Copenhagen Alternative: Private running tour with a local guide

Parkrunners however sometimes would like to run in the city centre of Copenhagen instead of a park, as use their weekend run to experience Copenhagen. And in this instance our private guided running tours is the answer. Our tours are popular with Parkrun regulars as they are used to run at weekends. Our running tours are sometimes substitutes for the parkruns and other times, visitors, do a running tour either Friday or Sunday, so that they can still make it to the local Parkrun Copenhagen.

Running Copenhagen offers a wide range of guided running tours with different distances, sites and areas of the city, so there should be a run suited for all abilities and interests. Below we listed some of the most popular tours.

8-10km Tours

8 km Small Group City Tour – visit the must-see sights of Copenhagen with a local while meeting fellow travellers.

10 km Private City Tour
– choose a preferred time and date and visit the main attractions with a private guide who picks you up from your hotel/airBnb.

8 km Private Christiania Tour – visit the non-touristy side of Copenhagen running around the green area of the Freetown. A tour that constantly gives you the “Wow” feeling.

10 km Private Architecture Tour – discover the architectural pearls and innovative developments of the city.

10 km Private Urban CPH – Explore the “real Copenhagen” and the grave of Hans Christian Andersen.

Longer runs (10-21km)

15 km Private XL Tour – customized tour of 15km to satisfy you all your curiosity of the city within hours.

10 -20 km Private Trail Running Tour in the Deer Garden
– Pick your preferred time and run in the former hunting ground of the Danish King surrounded by deers within arm reach.

21 km Private Half Marathon tour – A half marathon in our small capital allows you to discover both the main sites and some hidden spots.

We hope above has been of help and as mentioned the Parkrun Copenhagen comes with our warmest recommendations. However, if you are up for a different type of run in Copenhagen and would like to explore the city while running, then perhaps our running tours are of interest. We are ready if you are.

Happy running,

Lena & Alexandra



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