17 architectural treasures by 16 best contemporary architects and designers, but these treasures are… public toilets.

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17 architectural treasures by 16 best contemporary architects and designers, but these treasures are… public toilets.

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10 years of running

The TOKYO TOILET project is a fascinating initiative started in 2020 by the Shibuya City Government in Tokyo. Japan has a long-standing culture of public toilets, which are a minimal architectural form and a vital part of the daily life of millions of people and their importance cannot be underestimated. However, the Japanese high standards of hospitality, attention to detail, and daily life aesthetics have led to the project, which elevates even such a minor humble thing as a public toilet to a piece of art.

To achieve this goal, the project invited 16 of the best architects, interior designers, industrial designers, and design studios, both Japanese and foreign, to participate. The list of participants included renowned architects such as Kengo Kuma, Tadao Ando, and Sou Fujimoto. Each facility was designed with a unique style and sometimes even some unexpected features, beyond the legendary washlets, so beloved by tourists in Japan.

Apart from focusing on designing impressive facilities, the creators and sponsors of the project, which include The Nippon Foundation, the Shibuya City Government, and the Shibuya Tourism Association, work together to provide a comfortable user experience. This is achieved through regular cleaning and maintenance of each facility, and even by involving professional toilet inspectors to periodically survey the toilets to ensure the quality of the service.

Of course, this unique tour is not just about toilets. Along the way, you can learn about how Japanese local governments are striving to create comfortable and safe environments for its residents and guests, what makes Japanese architecture unique, and, of course, see what some of the best Tokyo neighborhoods have in common and which features and locations became their signatures.

The 17 toilets are all conveniently located within one district, allowing visitors to run through all of them within a few hours while enjoying the stunning views of Shibuya and Shinjuku skyscrapers, the fancy streets of Harajuku, the modern progressive neighborhoods of Ebisu and Daikanyama, and the classical residential areas of Sasazuka and Hatsudai.

This tour is a must-do for architects, lovers of architecture, urban planners, city explorers, and fans of the movie “Perfect Days”.

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Facts about the tours

20 km

Private tour



Japanese, Ukrainian


Run start location - Hotel meetup or Standard Meeting Point: Sasazuka Station , Ebisu Station , Hiroo Station , Harajuku Station


1 person121.00/person

2 persons77.00/person

3 persons66.00/person

4-20 persons55.00/person

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