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Running in Asheville is a four season affair and a runner’s paradise!  From the gorgeous art and architecture to the tranquil French Broad River to the smell of beer, food, and clean mountain air, Asheville is a runner’s dream come true.  Once you’ve explored all of the sights and sounds of the city, you are just minutes away from the best trails and views the area has to offer.

The running scene in Asheville is hands down amazing.  You can book a running tour where you will receive private tours that offer various distances, sights, and themes for your running pleasure.  There are several weekly group runs that take place, find a local route on your own, or register for one of our local races.  There are multiple running stores in the area that can help you with all of your running attire needs and wants! 

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Sightrunning Tours in Asheville

The options for running in Asheville are endless.  If you are traveling solo or with your better half, a private running tour is a must-have experience to obtain a local’s perspective of the area.  If you want large group runs then you might want to choose the Wedge Run on Thursdays or register for the Asheville Half-Marathon.

Running tours in Asheville is without question the best way to have the most unique and best experience of this beautiful city.  It’s perfect because there are multiple tour distances and themes for your running pleasure, as well as having a local expert of the area show you the way.  Your private guide will meet you at your hotel lobby or other residence and guide your running experience along the routes and safely deliver you back to your abode.  It’s a local and personal running experience because it gives you the sights, history, nightlife, etc. of Asheville while giving you your desired mileage. 

Running in Asheville
Running tour selfies

If you love learning about the history of an area then the Historic Asheville Tour is the one you are looking for!  We also offer a 15K history tour for those who want the extra mileage and historical lowdown.  If you are curious what all the fuss is about Asheville beer, then the Beer City USA Tour will give you plenty of options for where to grab a pint after your run. If you are looking to stretch your legs and tack on some miles, as well as discover the best of Asheville then look no further then the Asheville XL Tour.  This is the preferred tour if you are training for your next half!  If you are short on time and just need to get out for a bit then check out the Downtown Must-See Tour for a local’s perspective on how to spend your time while in Asheville.

While there are plenty of tours to satisfy your running needs of the city, you can also take a running tour in the Blue Ridge mountains.  Just a ten minute drive from downtown Asheville, the Blue Ridge Runner Tour.  This is a unique opportunity to experience some amazing single track, and expansive view, and learn about the folklore, medicinal plant life, and discover why it’s called the Blue Ridge.

Asheville Running Stores

If you are looking for a new pair of shoes while in Asheville or just forgot something at home, there are plenty of options to keep you running.  Jus Running and Foot RX in Asheville offer you the best service and experience in finding the right shoe, gear, and attire that will fit your needs.  They have the latest and greatest brands as well as offering you shoes based upon your running form.  It’s a unique experience if you’ve never had your form captured on video to see how you run and what shoes would be best for you. 

Asheville Running Races

If you are looking for a race in Asheville, then you should definitely check out the Asheville Half Marathon and the Asheville Marathon/Half Marathon at Biltmore Estate.  Each of these races offers unique courses, live music along the way, and plenty of running schwag and beer at the finish line. See our complete list of Asheville Running Races 2019 here.

Running in Asheville

Asheville Running Climate

There’s no bad time or season to run in Asheville as the seasons and times of day offer different perspectives and experiences.  However, the best time to run in Asheville is the morning.  You get to experience the city all to yourself before the tourists converge onto the streets.  Spring running brings an abundance of flowers and blooms while running during autumn provides an abundance of colors from fall foliage that are a sight to see.  Summer can get hot, and as so morning time is the right time unless you love to sweat it out. While winter can be cold in Asheville, it’s an amazing time to run for crisp air, no humidity and fewer people in the city.  Regardless of when you chose to run, you will have the time of your life running in Asheville.

Enjoy and happy running!


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