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Running in Aarhus


Running in Aarhus is a must-do no matter what time of the year. During spring, at Marselisborg Marina, when it is still a bit chilly, the sky is bright blue and the sun is shining and reflecting itself in the water. During summer, in the city centre, when the locals are sitting outside in front of the cafés next to the stream, enjoying the sun and contributing to the vibrating life of the inner city. During autumn, in Marselisborg Memorial Park, when nature is transformed into a living colour palette with the green leaves turning red, orange and yellow. And during winter, at the main shopping street, when the famous blanket of lights forms a breath-taking roof over the shopping street and the light bulbs around Salling Department Store turn the building into the biggest Christmas present you will ever see. 

Though Denmark is known for its flat landscape, Aarhus and its surroundings is rich in hills. Therefore, if you want to challenge your quadriceps, there are many different routes that can help you achieve this goal. However, if you are a bigger fan of flat paths, these are certainly also possible to find. 

Sightrunning Tours in Aarhus 

Guided running tours are the best way to get to know Aarhus. So much is going on in Aarhus these days, and even the locals find that it changes its appearance almost on a monthly or even weekly basis, with new buildings popping up almost everywhere. If you are interested in the new as well as old architecture of Aarhus, join us on our 10 km Architecture Tour. On this tour, you will see some of the modern architecture rising up at the harbour – the new part of town – and the old architecture, which characterises the city centre and gives you an idea of what Aarhus looked like in the olden days. If you are more into nature, fresh air and the quiet life, the 12 km Scenic Aarhus Tour has your name on it. On this tour, the guide takes you through forest and along coastline, past the royal summer residence and the marina. If instead, you want a quick overview of the city, the 6 km Must-See Tour takes you around the city centre. On this tour, you can take in the mix of the old and the new and see most of the city’s major landmarks.

If there are other parts of the city you are interested in exploring, we also offer customised tours. Don’t hesitate to contact us to hear what we can offer you to get the most out of your stay in wonderful Aarhus. 

running in aarhus
Heidi standing proud on her Aarhus guided tour

Running Races in Aarhus

Aarhus hosts many running races throughout the year, mostly during spring and summer, with Aarhus Half Marathon as one of its biggest races, attracting runners from all over the country as well as from abroad. However, Aarhus also offers a few races in the winter-time as it is never too cold to run :). 2019 is a special year because Aarhus is the host city of World Cross Country Championship 2019.

Guests often ask about races taking place in Aarhus so we have compiled a list to easily find the most famous, fun or interesting races – check out our blog Running Races in Aarhus 2019 to see this list.

Running Clubs in Aarhus

Running has become a popular activity all over the world, especially because of its social, health-improving and sustainable benefits. Aarhus certainly also has a vast number of runners, who enjoy running either alone or together all around the city. One of the biggest and oldest running clubs in Aarhus is Aarhus 1900, which has its clubhouse in Marselisborg. This club is made up by runners of all levels, who enjoy running together in groups in the area of the beautiful Marselisborg Forests and Ceres Park & Arena, Aarhus’ big sport venue. Another well-known and popular running club in Aarhus is Runaar. This club was created in 2014, and contrary to Aarhus 1900, the members of Runaar do not have to pay for joining any of the three weekly runs – and if you as a visitor are interested, you can easily join them on a run while in town.

In 2016, Mo’s Friends was established. The runners in this small running club have achieved many impressive results at different national runs, and at the same time, the club is considered a successful integration project, bringing together ethnic as well as non-ethnic Danes. A fourth running club worth mentioning is Mikkeller Running Club Aarhus. The runners of this social running club started out meeting only once a month, but now run together several times a week – perhaps this is due to the combination of fresh air and the good beer served at the Mikkeller Bar, which is their meeting point.

Aarhus Running Stores  

There are several sports shops in Aarhus, but only a few that are dedicated exclusively to selling running gear. The ones you should visit during your stay are Løberen and Lø These two shops are both centrally situated, and the staff provide good and helpful service no matter if you are looking for a new watch, shoes, tights, T-shirts, socks or special washing liquid for your running gear. If you are interested in buying new running shoes, the staff in Løberen will help you out by analysing your running style on a treadmill using video footage to find the shoes that will help you perform your best. If instead, you are looking for a new running watch, the staff in Lø can show you a nice selection of the latest gear.

A new running store is planned to open in the city centre in March 2019: Racingdenmark Running Store. It will be interesting to follow this new store, which has a couple of successful sister stores in the nearby cities of Silkeborg and Viborg, and see what it has to offer compared to its competitors. 

Running Routes in Aarhus

running in aarhus

If a guided running tour with Go! Running Tours Aarhus has made you crave for more and given you the courage to continue the exploration of this wonderful city on your own, here are a few tips for places to explore.  

If you want to focus on the southern part of the city, and if you cannot get enough of nature, take a run in the Marselisborg Forests. In this vast forest area, you can run past the Varna Palace, along with the beach and then continue deeper into the heart of the forests where it is also possible to do some trail running. On your way, you can check out the charming Deer Park. If you are up for a long run, continue all the way out to the beautiful Moesgaard Museum, which is a modern and very impressive building that has been built into the actual landscape. 

Another lovely run that will take you a bit away from the high-speed tempo of the inner city is around Brabrand Lake in the western part of Aarhus. You can follow the Brabrand Path that stretches from the centre of the city and all around the lake. The run around the lake is around 10 km and you are guaranteed to meet a large number of local runners, cyclists, roller skaters and families out on a relaxing stroll. Depending on the time of the year, you will also see many people on the lake peddling their way through the water in their canoes as Brabrand Rowing Stadium is situated right next to the lake.

Aarhus Climate

The weather in Aarhus is rather unpredictable so you should always be prepared for running in both sun and rain – indeed, sometimes you will experience both types of weather on the same running tour. Some people may find it frustrating, but we locals have chosen to see it as one of the charms of living and running in Aarhus. If you give us – your guides – the chance, we will show you why the weather should never be seen as an obstacle on a Go! Running Tour.

Happy running,


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