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Time to dish out on a few must do’s in Copenhagen that I (and the rest of Copenhagen) do on a regular basis. This post is meant to suggest a few must do’s that will introduce you to some “non touristy” things to do in Copenhagen, and basically use and enjoy the city as we do.

Happy reading peeps!

Must do’s in Copenhagen nr1.: Folkekøkken/Common Eating

This concept is simple. Inexpensive food for the masses. This is the easiest and most fun way to meet the Danes and really see how we are with our families, with each other and in a setting that is informal and fun.

Common eating is becoming more and more popular and it is usually on weekdays and the way it works is that you find a seat at long tables, the children play around, the adults chat and everyone eats a meal. The meal is usually a traditional Danish meal and simple. It will be relatively healthy and the cost is usually around the DKK 50 per person. This is a bargain and you can hardly make it cheaper yourself.

If you have children you will love this place, as they can run around and play with lots of other children, and there are no raised eyebrows if you kid leaves the table early, they play around or simply have fun with the other kids. All the while, you can sit and relax and soak in the atmostphere of this relaxed way of eating and meeting the Danes.

There are quite a few places in Copenhagen that offer Common Eating (Folkekøkken), and below I have highlighted a couple.

Absalon: This is an old church that is now a community centre. It is located in the city part called Vesterbro and the common eating is full of young families and the grand parents. The room itself is amazing, the food is good and there is plenty of things for the children to play with.
Also their bingo evenings are becoming very popular in case you are into bingoing.

Cafe La Rouge Folkekøkken: This is the restaurants/cafeteria of the local sports hall that hosts the common eating every Tuesday at 17.30. You pay DKK 50 per person and then the food is served buffet style. It is possible for the kids to enter the sportshall where they can run around and also spend their time testing their abilities on the climbing wall. This place is more multicultural than the common eating at Absalon but otherwise both places come with my warmest recommendations.

If you are more into fine dining I recommend reading the blog posts about Gourmet Restaurants in Copenhagen, Restaurants in Copenhagen to try in 2017, Seafood Restaurants in Copenagen and the 2017 Michelin Star Restaurants in Copenhagen.

Must do’s in Copenhagen nr2.: Running in Copenhagen

Denmark is the country in the world with the most runners per capita, so if you wanna do like us Copenhagners, then go for a run. The city is flat, it has great undisturbed stretches and the climate is cool and pleasant to run in, so pretty much perfect for running.
”you make a living from guiding running tours in Copenhagen, Lena – of course you will put this on the list”.
And you are right – being a shrewd and super capitalistic business woman, it would be stupid not to put in on the list :-). But running in Copenhagen is also on the list, because this is what we do. Walk around the city at any time of the day and you will spot several runners.

So running in Copenhagen is naturally on this list and you can either go on your own or you are of course welcome to book one of our running tours, where you either run with myself or one of my super cool running guide colleagues.

Must do’s in Copenhagen nr3.: Just Sit

On sunny days and especially the first days of spring when the sun is out, then we just sit. What ?!?!

Yes it is as easy as that – on sunny days we find a sunny spot to sit either alone or with friends and talk, relax and catch-up. On a sunny Friday during spring in Copenhagen, the city is almost magical with people sitting simply chilling and it is everyone from the banker and politicians in suits to the skaters and creative crowd. Most people eat ice cream, drink coffes, beers or share a bottle of wine. It is not a ”binge-drink-lets-get-drunk” kind of thing, but a welcomed break where Copenhagen lower the gear of the city.
Here you are in Copenhagen on your holiday and probably here to see the city and you are being recommended to just sit instead of venturing to the Torvehallerne, The Little Mermaid, Nyhavn or the Meat Packing district. Are you serious? Damn right, I am, because it is nothing less than a fantastic way to soak up the city atmosphere and really enjoy the city as we do. Also, here is your chance to strike up conversation with the local Copenhageners and truly get beneath the surface of our small capital.

Needless to say, some ”just sitting” places are more popular than others, so below I have described a few in the city parts of Nørrebro, Vesterbro, Christianshavn and the city centre. So there is not excuse now for just sitting regardless of your location. Except maybe if you are at Østerbro, but then again – – – you don’t want to be a Østerbro 🙂

Nørrebro: Dronning Louises Bro.

This is the bridge leading to Nørrebro and as soon as the sun rays hit this bridge, this bridge turns into a place with music, relaxed beer drinking and chatting to the people you dont know next to you. On a good day you will spot an urban fisher or two standing on the bridge trying to catch a fish, while the ghettoblasters are blaring and 100s of bikes whizz past. Crazy and amazing.

Vesterbro: Sønderboulevard

Welcome to Hipsterville. On sunny days, the hipsters and hipster families of Vesterbro crowd together on Sønderboulevard and just relax. Some play table tennis, some eat take-away pizzas, some drink beers from Kioshk, and others just sit talk while the children play on the grass. Easy, relaxed and cool!

Christianshavn: Overgaden Neden Vandet

As soon as the sun hits Christianshavn, the streets along the canals come alive. The locals will be sitting on the wooden quayside all along the canals, with their feet dangling while soaking up the sun and catching up with friends, families or just the people sitting next to them. The atmosphere here is nothing but amazing as you sit amongst old warehouses from the 16th hundred, along the cobbled streets while taking in the view of the canal, the boats and the many house boats.

City Centre: Nybrogade, Gammel Strand og Ved Stranden

City centre location where you sit along the canal while soaking up the afternoon sun with the local Copenhageners. There are big wooden terraces along the canal, so you can sit removed from the streets and lean up against the wall of the quay. Also, here is a place where you can sit on wood instead of stone, concrete and cobbles, which the other locations do not have. ”that does not matter” you may think, but trust me, when you have been sitting 30 mins to 1 hour on the pavement, you will be dreaming of a wooden seat.

That is all for now. I wish you are great stay in Copenhagen, and I really hope my recommendations gives you the chance to meet us local Copenhageners, and enjoy the city as we do.

Best wishes and enjoy Copenhagen,




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