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Zurich offers a wide range of trail options with adverse scenic landscapes for an exciting run. Whether you’re a novice runner or you like challenging runs with picturesque terrains, Switzerland is definitely the place to be.

Or if you just want to be, have fun and explore the city, we have running tours in Zurich that are just what you need for a memorable day.

Running tracks in this city are demarcated so it’s easy to differentiate between easy trails, moderate and hard trails, which is quite useful especially if it’s your first time.

Zürich also has a robust transport system that makes it easy to get around. You can get to any trail via busses, trams, or by taking a train at an affordable fee.

Here are the 12 best nature runs that will ensure you get the most from this beautiful city;

Lake Zürich Trail

Lake Zürich trail has mixed yet scenic landscapes for the best running experience. The paths could be through castle parks, shores of Lake Zürich, noble villas or just giving off the impressive views of the Alps.

The trail is also loaded with fancy restaurants for a palatable treat. Not forgetting museums and recreational spots. Running on this promenade is a wonderful experience, for runners, hikers, historians, and nature and culture enthusiasts alike.


This trail has one of the most spectacular views in Switzerland. Located in the southwestern part of the country, Valais has several running trails that you can choose from and explore the beautiful landscape. One of the best views you can get to see at this trail is the famous Swiss Alps and its glowing glaciers.

The trails take you through the lush pastures, dense forests, glaciers, and over the alpine peaks. And after an incredible day, there are world-class resorts nearby where you can treat yourself to the fullest.

Old Town

The Old Town trail is more of a “sightseeing tour” and you also get to keep fit. The trail takes you through the city as you run along Limmat River and around Altstadt. Altstadt is Zurich’s medieval old town that presents you the opportunity to see some of the historic and architectural buildings; some of these date back to the 19th century.

To get most of the sceneries, start the trail at the Hauptbahnhof which is the main railway station. From the station, you can head south running along impressive shopping streets of Zurich through the sights such as St Peter’s Church, Town Hall to the monument of Gates of Hell.

Weisstannen to Elm Running Trail

This 22km trail is a single track with an elevation gain of 1500 meters. One of the views that this route rewards you with is the Arena Sardona, a UNESCO heritage site. There are also waterfalls through the trail. The trail also takes you up the valley to the spectacular meadows of the Ross alp.

Dolder Forest trails

The Dolder Forest Paths is made up of hilly forested trails just behind the luxurious Dolder Grand hotel.

The trails can be easily accessed by public transport, you can take tram number 3 or 15 and drop it off at the Dolderbahn stop. From this stop, you can climb up to Dolder Sports, next to which, is a forest entrance on the right side, that offers runners 5km and 8 km runs. You can choose any that suits you.

Greifensee/ Greifen Lake Trail

The Greifen lake is located at the east of Zürich and only takes utmost thirty minutes from the city via train (No. S14). The trails take you to the lake with a perimeter of 18.5km. It also offers amazing views of the lakes and Alps from afar.

Bernese Oberland

Bernese Oberland is a popular trail among runners thanks to the Bernese Alps. These Alps have a lot to offer in terms of sceneries such as Jungfrau, one of the main summits of the Bernese Alps. Others summits include Eiger and monch.

The Bernese Alps have several trails that you can indulge in. One of these is the long-distance trail that runs through the Alps to Kandersteg. This trail has stunning views of the surrounding terrain including those of the high passes.

West Zürich and Limat Trail

These trails span out 6km and have impressive views of the western side of the city. To get most of the sceneries from this trail, start your trail at the Swiss National Museum going past sights such as the Prime Tower, theatres, fancy restaurants, and art galleries.

Once you’re done with this side of the city, you can now run across the bridge to Limmat River for more running adventures with more astounding views.

Uetliberg to Felsenegg

This mountain run takes you through the Uetliberg mountain. The trails, which are mostly meadows and wooded paths,  run almost to the top of the Uetlibergmountain. The trail is however challenging as you’ll experience an elevation gain of about 1180 meters, so you may need to prepare in advance. Or you can hike the first steep sections and run along the ridges as they’re less challenging.

The trail offers scenic vistas of Zürich, dramatic views of the Limmat Valley, mountains, and Lake Zürich. You can get to this trail via a trail that takes utmost 20 minutes

Zürich to Zug Trail

This colorful trail spans out 34km with an elevation gain of 1000m. One of the best views from these trails is the scenic city views alongside the rusty forest roads that take you to Zug. In addition, the trail also offers amazing views of Lake Zürich and the alpine views.

Eastern Switzerland Trails

This is the ultimate running trail in the Eastern part of Switzerland. The trail runs through secluded villages, alongside the lake with scenic views, and dramatic mountain views. The Eastern Switzerland trails also offer sceneries of the alpine peaks and glaciers of mountains.

Three Sisters Running Trail

This is one of the most challenging trails in that it requires you to climb through rocks. Hence, you may need to prepare in advance for a challenging but enjoyable run.

The Three Sisters Running is a 25km trail with an elevation of 1800m. The trail has some sections of pavements and dirty roads alongside the rocky singletrack, but, what you mostly need is great footwear, and of course, motivation to finish this trail.

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