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Lisbon is a city of life, history, and architecture. It is also surrounded by some stunning nature, leading it to be a top destination for runners from around the world. Our guided running tours of Lisbon showcase the best that the city has to offer, from the old town to trail running. Lisbon is also home to a host of great running races. 

In contrast with the city center itself, much of Lisbon’s coast and riverside allow for long, flat running routes, making it an ideal city for running races. With beautiful scenery and several IAAF Gold Label races, racing in Lisbon provides a good opportunity to hit your fastest time. Below are some of the best Lisbon running races in 2024

Main Running Races

Lisbon Marathon

Date: 6 October 2024

Known for its amazing scenery, the entire route of the Lisbon Marathon runs alongside the sea and river. It starts in the coastal town of Cascais, just west of Lisbon, and continues along the coastal road until the finish at Praça do Comércio in Lisbon. 

The Half Marathons

lisbon running races
Image Source: Lisbon Half Marathon

Dates: 6 October 2024

Starting from the Vasco de Gama Bridge at 10:30. The Luso Portugal Half Marathon is one of the most popular races in Portugal, with over 18.000 runners

Running into the streets of Lisbon, this race has a very nice course and is a great opportunity for everyone who would like to visit Lisbon, mainly this new area (where happened the EXPO’98), which is nowadays devoted to social events (music concerts, walk and bike tours near the river Tagus.

The 21km course, takes the Luso Half Marathon runners from the north area of the city to downtown Lisbon, crossing emblematic historical monuments and riverside views. Register here.

Mini Marathon

The mini-marathon is designed for all and participants can choose to walk or run the course. Starting with the half marathon at the Vasco da Gama bridge, it follows a scenic route and finishes at Parque das Nações. 

Smaller Races

Corrida do Tejo

lisbon running races
Image Source: Corrida do Tejo

Date: TBA 2024

Running alongside the River Tagus, the Corrida de Tejo is a historic 10km race near Lisbon. Whether you are a seasoned runner, intermediate, or beginner, this is a great race to take part in. With a flat course, it is also a good opportunity to hit a personal best. There are several free training sessions in the month leading up to the race for runners of all levels.

Gardens Run

Date: Various

In this 14km run, you will get through the main gardens of the city and the most famous sights of Lisbon, which often feature in postcards of the city.
Right in the urban center, you will forget, for a moment, the stress of the city and discover a small oasis of peace and tranquillity. Almost the entire route is flat with slight slopes, which makes this guided run open to runners of all levels.

Corrida Clube Millennium BCP Make a Wish

Date: 13 October 2024

In support of the Make a Wish Foundation, this race organized by the Millennium BCP Club aims to raise awareness of the importance of exercise. The race itself starts in Belem and has events ranging from 50m to 10km. 

Corrida de São Silvestre

Date: TBA 2024

The Saturday see Lisbon’s version of the Saint Silvester Road Race, a race that started in Brazil and has spread around the world.  It is a 10km race, and with some hills, is a bit more challenging than many other Lisbon races. There are shorter distances available for children. A great way to end the year! 

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