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Newline Black Running Clothes LogoBLACK is the new collection from Newline that is launched on April 28, 2017. Newline BLACK is a running clothes collection that stems from the very backbone of Newline; the company heritage in the Danish Special Forces and a strong will to make functional performance clothes.

Newline was founded by the Dane Helge Petersen who was in the Danish Special Forces and one day as he was parachuting he was puzzled about his clothes being wet but not the parachute. Not long after, Helge had created his first functional running outfit out of his parachute. And it is this heritage – the roots in the special forces and in functional clothes that is the essence of BLACK.

Or in the words of Newline themselves:

In this heritage collection lines of the parachute form a selection of contemporary and functional styles – all designed with a military precision and focus on performance.

In addition, BLACK has a unique style that is lean and stylish, with a bit of army feel with the “wings” being the logo.

What exactly is the Newline BLACK running gear ?

BLACK is a basic clothes collection, which means that it is without the super technical features and overly flash design. With “basic” what I really see is simplicity. Simplicity in my world is refreshing, its mind clearing, its relieving and much undervalued.

Simplicity is the joy of a simple juicy Gamay instead of a complex and sophisticated Barolo. Its like simply wanting a piece of Smørrebrød (not the fancy version) instead of a gourmet dinner and it’s like telling someone that you fancy them instead of playing hard to get via overly timed SMSs.

And when simplicity is the red thread through a running clothes collection it is pretty damn good. Combine this with high functionality and you have at least Team Running Copenhagen excited.

The Newline BLACK collection consists of 7 items for each gender, and these 7 items are:

  • T-shirt
  • Shorts
  • Shirt
  • Jacket
  • Hoodie (blue for men, pale pink for women)
  • Long tights
  • Stretch pants

Nothing more and nothing less, and exactly what you require to be fully equipped for running.

Also, the collection will not change as often as the Imotion and Iconic, which is actually a good thing, because when you then fall in love with a piece of clothing you can buy it for the next season as well, instead of it being ”out of stock” (and never coming back as in the case of my all time favourite baggy Heather knee pants! :-() which happens frequently for me with regards to Newline’s other collections.

NEWLINE BLACK – Our favourites

As with every Newline collection whether it being Iconic, Imotion, Halo or now BLACK we have a few favourites and the clear winner this year is the Moroccan Blue hoodie.

It is actually such a big favourite that the female guides of Running Copenhagen insisted on having this hoodie even though it is a male style. As one of them said ”Lena – it’s a hoodie – it’s suppose to be loose and we will just go for the boyfriend look”. So, instead of our usual summer jackets, you will see the team sporting our BLACK Moroccan Blue hoodies.

And on the topic of jackets, then let me also say that their jackets look pretty awesome. I am not runnning in the Newline BLACK Jacket this season but I am tempted to try it out when we reach fall.

Just for the record, then the reason we are not ordering the pale pink hoodie, is because the blue is in our opinion nicer, and my light skin tone has never been friends with pale pink.

Newline BLACK – the cons

As you have probably gathered then I am well excited about this new collection, but as we say in Danish ”the trees do not grow into the sky” !??!?! which obviously makes no sense, but it means that not everything is perfect.

If I have one criticism, which is perhaps a bit ironic, then my criticism is that everything is Black. ”Doh!” you may think and ”doh!” indeed, but black while it makes us look slim and as if we are part of the Matrix, then it can also get a little bit boring.

Newline Black – Final Thoughts

You have read so far, so I am sure you are not in doubt that I am very fond of the new collection. I like the history behind, I like the simple style and I like the look and feel.

I haven’t talked price however, BLACK is Newline’s price friendly collection, so it will not break the bank. You can view all the newline products here and from April 28th 2017 also the Newline BLACK collection

In all its simplicity – that’s it!

Thanks for reading this far and happy running,


Disclaimer: Running Copenhagen is sponsored by Newline and have been so almost since we took our first running step here in Copenhagen. So we are not unbiased, but trust us when we say that Newline makes great running clothes and we would not run it in if it was not damn good, as it would result in too many uncomfortable kilometers.

And if you still can’t leave this page and get enough of Newline BLACK then enjoy below.



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