To go running in Thailand is to drift between tropical scenery, vibrant cities like Bangkok and ancient sites of spirituality. The country is famed for its ornate, yet serene temples, white sandy beaches and renowned cuisine. So is it any wonder that sightrunners love Thailand?

Running tours are the best way for running addicts to get their fix while seeing the sights. With our tours, you get a private local guide who knows the best urban routes and natural trails in Thailand.

So when you’re in South East Asia, be sure to pack your trainers and go running in Thailand. From Chiang Mai and Phuket to the Phi Phi Islands and Pattaya, this country of many faces has something for every kind of runner to explore.

Thailand is home to vastly diverse natural backdrops, from beautiful white sand beaches to dense, tropical rainforest. Lose yourself in these pristine environments and get the regional stories from your local running guide. You can even find spectacular wildlife in its natural habitat or even living side-by-side with humans in the cities.

The cities themselves are cultural melting pots full of business, action and life. Bangkok, the country’s capital and largest city, typifies the Thai mix of bustling markets and impressive spiritual sites. Running in Thailand, you’ll really notice the ever-changing scenes as you go sightrunning.

Foodies will be in seventh heaven in Thailand. Full of colours, spices and flavours, Thai cuisine is hugely diverse and absolutely delicious. Fresh ingredients, fragrant lemongrass and delectable seafood are the highlights of a diverse menu. However, anything you pick up from Bangkok street food vendors is likely to open up a new world of flavours for you.

If running in Thailand sounds great, but you want something more, check out the range of running races in the country. Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket all have their own marathons, but there are also trail races and ultramarathons throughout the year.

So get those trainers packed and get ready to run. Whatever your running style, Thailand has got a route for you.