Tuscany is famous in the world for so many reasons, the landscape, the architecture, the history, food and what about wine? What is also special about Tuscany is that everything is very much concentrated so with a short  trip you can move from a gem like Lucca to the landscape of Chianti. At Go! Running Tours we know no better way to discover and enjoy a place than running through it with the good company of a local runner and Tuscany there is a place for any kind of runner!

florence chianti running tour

Do you love trails?

You can run our Florence trail run coming down from Fiesole hills through the “carvers path” and reaching the beauty of Florence city center or you can run through the hills of Chianti between vineyards, woods and breathtaking landscape.

Do you love history?

Have you ever run on 15th  Century walls? You can do that in Lucca or you can feel like a horse running the Palio in the shell shaped square of Siena.

Are you keen on architecture?

Florence is called the “cradle of Renaissance” and is filled up with architecture masterpieces like the dome of Santa Maria del Fiore by Brunelleschi, Santa Croce Basilica or the huge Pitti Palace. Or you can visit Pisa and it’s world famous “Leaning tower”

Are you a food lover?

Like any other part of Italy Tuscany famous for the variety of it’s cuisine! So be ready to run some extra kilometers to be ready to taste the famous “Fiorentina” t-bone steak or the pici from Siena, or Lucca’s Tordelli! Our local runners will be ready to suggest a lot of other typical food and the best traditional places to have it.

We are also ready to prepare a special “running menu” for you offering different runs in different places to let your Tuscany running experience become unforgettable.

Go! Running Tours offers you the opportunity to taste all the different flavors of Tuscany while running.

If you like trails and countryside you can discover:

Chianti with a 13Km run that includes all the different pieces that compose the mosaic of it’s incredible landscape

You can experience the beauty of running on the ancient path of quarrymen coming down from Fiesole to reach Florence

If you like history, architecture and art you can choose between four pure gems of beauty:


Florence where you can run from an easy 6k tour to a half marathon, one being sure that all of them include incredible views on world’s iconic monuments like the Dome of Santa Maria del Fiore, the David by Michelangelo or the Santa Croce basilica.


Siena where with a 10k run you can enjoy both the medieval streets, the great monuments like the cathedral or the incredible Piazza del Campo where horses race during the Palio, and scenic views on the Tuscan Landscape around the town.


Lucca where you can experience the deep emotion of running over and under the Renaissance city walls, and discovering hidden corners and oval square of the Amphitheater.


Pisa with the world famous leaning tower but also Keith Haring street art, city walls and historic canals of one of the marine repubblics.

All of our tours are conducted by locals that love to share their running passion as well as their passion for their cities and that can make you feel like running with a running buddy while you discover a new place. We provide hotel/apartment pick up service, personalized starting time and pace, as well as a bunch of suggestions about where to eat, what to see and anything else a real local may know about his town.