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Running in Tampa is the perfect way to see the city while also getting your mileage in, as you explore this beautiful Gulf Coast paradise. With flat/ fast routes and water views for days, it’s honestly hard to go wrong! You can stick to downtown or Ybor City and truly experience the ‘real Tampa’. Perhaps you would like to venture onto picturesque Bayshore, or maybe even the causeway to catch some stunning sunrises and sunsets. No matter where you run or whether you join in on a running tour with Go! Running Tours Tampa, pair up with a local running club or simply venture out solo, you’re guaranteed to have an amazing run in Tampa Bay!  

running in tampa

Check out some more local tips below on running tours, local routes, and running clubs, races in the area, or running stores if you’re in town and in need of supplies.

Sightrunning Tours in Tampa

A fantastic way to see this city and really dive into the culture, while also learning about all of the hidden gems and local spots that you may miss otherwise, is via a running tour. With four routes varying from a 5k brewery run to two 10k options, you can pack a ton of sights into a short time! The 7k Downtown and Riverwalk Tour is the perfect run for someone who wants to see the best of the best when it comes to key sights in downtown, giving just the right blend of water views along the Riverwalk and really diving into the downtown area and its history. If you’re looking for something a little shorter with plenty of key sights, water views and a craft beer at the end in the trendy Heights district just outside of downtown, then hit our Hidden Tampa Brewery 5k tour. 

running in tampa

Desiring a little more distance? We have two 10k options that are completely different experiences- our Ybor City (Tampa Through Time) Tour and our Island Hopper Tour. Our Ybor City tour still hits a lot of the downtown spots, but really takes you into where it all started in Cigar City- the perfect tour for someone who wants to see the REAL Tampa. Trying to catch that perfect sunrise or sunset, or just craving a gorgeous run along the water? The Island Hopper is the tour you want! Exploring two downtown islands and hitting the gorgeous Bayshore Blvd and Riverwalk- you’ll have water views for days that you won’t regret! (Speaking of which, check out our post on the best meals for runners for info on the amazing Tampa seafood scene).

Tampa Running Races 

When it comes to running in Tampa, Gasparilla is the number one race weekend that comes to mind! The fourth weekend in February every year comes jampacked with a 5k and 15k on Saturday and a half marathon and 8k on Sunday. Tampa Bay also just hosted its second annual Skyway 10k, which is absolutely one to add to the bucket list! Some other great options across the bridge are the St. Pete Half (part of St. Pete Run Fest) and also the Best Damn Race in Safety Harbor– in true Pinellas County fashion, both come with great after-parties! If you’re looking for something a little more local, I’d recommend Roar Through YborRichard’s Run for Life and the Bolt Run– to name a few of the awesome options right here in Tampa! 

running in tampa

Looking for more local running races? Check out my post on Running Races in Tampa Bay.

Local Routes in Tampa

If you don’t want to get super technical, it’s easy to find a route in Tampa to get your miles in without getting too lost! After all, the second longest continuous sidewalk in the world, Bayshore Boulevard, is at your footsteps! You can come in close to 10 miles if you go all the way down to Ballast Point and back downtown. It comes with awesome city views and even the occasional dolphin or manatee sighting! Looking for something a little shorter with great skyline and water views? Stick to the Riverwalk and take it all the way down and back for around 5 miles or cut into the city and loop around. 

Tampa Running Clubs 

Looking to join up with some local running groups? Tampa has plenty! Run Tampa is the ‘O.G.’ when it comes to running clubs in the bay area – with group runs for all levels and options ranging from downtown to trail running and even over the bridge to Clearwater, you’ll have no issues finding the right run for you! Next up is the Loud Runners, coming at you with a great group of strong runners who love to have fun! Check out their calendar to see where the weekly Saturday morning run is or where the next pub run is going to be. In the mood to combine the trendy Heights district, filled with awesome street art, along with the Riverwalk and another super fun group (who is partial to tasty craft brews)? Check out Run the Heights and their Thursday night run, starting and ending at Hidden Springs Brewery. Run anywhere from 3-5 miles and enjoy a 10% discount on craft brews after for participating in the run! 

running in tampa

Local Running Stores 

In town and in need of running supplies? We’ve got options! Jackrabbit Tampa, located in Hyde Park (roughly a mile from downtown) is a great local shop with a knowledgeable staff and everything you need to get back out and hitting the pavement (or the water since they’re also a surf shop)! Check this place out and support local business! 

If you’re able to venture 4 miles outside of downtown, Fit2Run Tampa is located in International Plaza and also comes with a knowledgeable staff, a huge selection of everything running, along with a smoothie bar and even an in-house track to test out your new gear!

Running Climate in Tampa 

The running climate in Tampa is excellent- while it can be hot in the summer (when you should try to knock those miles out pre/during sunrise), with flat elevation and the weather everyone envies from October-May, you’re going to love running in Tampa! 

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