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Running races in Venice offer a unique experience amidst its iconic canals and historic architecture. The scenic routes provide runners with breathtaking views, creating an unforgettable backdrop for the race. Additionally, the city’s charming atmosphere and cultural richness add an extra layer of excitement to the running experience.

Get ready to hit the pavement with some of the city’s most popular and entertaining running races. Lace up your shoes, and let’s start running!

Main Venice Running Races

Venice Marathon  

Date: 7 October 2024

The Venice Marathon, Italy’s inaugural marathon, is recognized by international athletics associations, setting the standard for excellence in running races. Consequently, three additional running races accompany the main October marathon event.

8TH CMP Venice Night Trail (16K and 51 bridges)

Date: 6 April 2024

Time: 9 PM

Venice Night Trail marathon
Photo Credit: Live-Venice website. Venice Night Trail

Over 3,100 athletes, Italian and foreign, embrace the CMP Venice Night Trail, a torch-lit urban adventure covering 16K and 51 bridges. Departure at 9 p.m., the route winds through historic landmarks like Piazza San Marco and the Accademia Bridge. Limited to 5,000 participants.

13TH JESOLO Moonlight Half Marathon (21K-10K)

Date: 25 May 2024

The Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon kicks off at sunset and concludes under the moonlit sky. Its allure lies in the captivating route, weaving through pine forests, along the shore, river, and beach. Another highlight is the Jesolo Moonlight Village, conveniently located in Piazza Milano, offering beach access and pre-race relaxation.

3rd Venice Lido Beach Trail

Date: 22 September 2024

Venice Lido Beach
Photo Credit: Venice Lido Beach Trail website

An enthralling ‘trail on the beach’ spanning 5 and 11 kilometers. Families can join the 2K Family Run.
The event hub, at Blue Moon beach establishment, offers pre- and post-race services and a Pasta Party.

Have a great stay in Venice. If you are looking to go on more leisure runs, why not check out our running tours in Venice.

Happy Running!


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