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Florence running Races - Florence Marathon


Any season is the right season for running in Florence! Our city is not a huge town so it is pretty easy to run here and is also easy to find a race to participate in, as we have a big running movement with many clubs, big races, small ones, fun ones. So everybody can find a way to run, race and have a good time! 

Main Florence Running Races

Florence city center is also UNESCO cultural heritage and running through it is like a dive in the history of art and architecture even when you are racing. If you’d like to take it easier and discover the beauty of Florence and its hidden corners while running to keep fit or for training, you can also try a Running Tour.

Asics Firenze Marathon  

Date: 24 November 2024

Florence marathon is the second most important marathon in Italy. Every year around ten thousand runners reach Florence to run this is an incredible race. The course, completely flat, is very varied including all the main sites of the historical center as well as the Cascine park and the sports area of Campo di Marte. The weather is usually fine because at the end of November Florence is still warm and pretty sunny. For a couple of years, the start and finish lines are in an incredible location, right in front of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore! As a Florentine I love to run our marathon, my next will be the 11th, and I love the days before the race when the city is invaded by runners from all over the world and every corner of my own town talks about a huge running passion.

Florence Running Races
Credit A.G. Giancarlo Colombo courtesy of Florence Marathon

Half marathon Firenze

Date: 7 April 2024

Time: 9:00 AM

The Half Marathon Firenze starts from the incredible square in front of Santa Croce basilica and on the race day you can choose between the half marathon, a relay (10.5. km each), or an 8 Km run, and April is usually a perfect season to run in Florence! Around five thousand runners run this race which course is completely inside the historical center. While running you can really enjoy all the beauties of Florence and the atmosphere is really joyful. As a veteran of this run, I can give you a tip: the start is a little bit slow so if you want to keep a good pace take place at the start line a little in advance so that you can avoid excessive “traffic”.

Corri la vita (Run your life)

Date: 24 September 2024

Corri La Vita is a charity run that got 35000 participants (running and walking) in 2018. The competitive race has a very nice course touching the hills around Florence.

Guarda Firenze

Date: 5 May 2024

Time: 9:30 AM

Guarda Firenze is a classical 10K run in Florence. This race is a must-do for any runner in Florence, the course brings you around the city center but also to places where you can have wonderful views of the city running together with thousands of other runners.

“Notturna di San Giovanni”

Date: June 2024

Time: TBA

This “Notturna di San Giovanni” night run is the oldest night run in Italy this year will celebrate its 80th edition! The 10K course in the city center has a magic atmosphere and is also a very competitive race with top runners coming from all over Italy to run this race. 

Dee Jay Ten Firenze

Date: 21 April 2024

Time: 9:30 AM

The Dee Jay Ten Firenze is the hugest, in terms of runners, ten k in Florence. Let’s say that is definitely more a fun race than a competitive one but it is really a nice occasion to have fun with lots of people and a famous Italian radio network.

Smaller and Club Races 

There are a lot of running clubs in Florence and each club organizes its own race so every Sunday, but also on working days in the evening in summer,  you can find a race to run.

As we are Italians and fans of the food there is also a very nice competition between clubs for whom is preparing the best after race refreshment!

My preferred local races are:


A Run with a View

Date: Various

A Run with a View is the best way to take in the breathtaking views of the city, running along the Ponte Vecchio before arriving at the best sightseeing point from which to admire Florence, the Cradle of the Renaissance. Can be booked at any time and is run with a private guide who will delve into the history and architecture of the city (being a professional architect himself..)

Florence Running tour 10 km - Run with a view

Parkrun Florence

Date: Every Saturday

Time: 9:00 AM

To run the Parkrun you have to register. This is a 5k run in the wonderful Cascine park the atmosphere is international because each Saturday there are runners coming from all over the world coming to run the Parkrun. 

That’s it – have a great stay in Florence and I wish you some great runs. Either in a race, on your own, or even better….with me on one of my running tours here in Florence.

Thanks for reading this far and happy running,


City Manager of Go! Running Tours Florence.


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