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Vienna running races
Photo Credits VCM Jenia Hamminger

The capital of Austria should be on every runner’s bucket list. It is a place of contrast and a true feast for the eyes. While running, you can explore both sides of Vienna: the century-old buildings in the city center, but at the same time the urban, hip, and modern parts of town. By now, the city has definitely made its mark on most runners’ world maps, since running contests have become increasingly popular, and there seem to be several new ones each year. The best way to get to know the city before your big race is a sight running tour with a local guide to show you the highlights and hidden secrets of the city. Below we have listed some of the best Vienna Running Races 2024;

Main Vienna Running Races 2024

Vienna City Marathon

Date: 21 April 2024

Start Time: 9 am

The biggest of all the Vienna running races with over 40.000 runners last year alone. You have the possibility to either run the full distance of 42.195 KM, the half distance of 21.0975 KM, or relay distances. For the last couple of years, there has also been a 10k, as well as a 2k and 5k kids run as part of the VCM. The route itself is amazing and rich in variety, since it starts at the Danube, continues to Prater and from there in and out of downtown Vienna with the finish line being in the first district right between city hall and “Burgtheater”. Despite Austria being the country dominated by the Alps, the city of Vienna is comparatively flat, so it’s easy to run. Definitely, a must-run for every marathon fan.

vienna running races
Photo Credits VCM FinisherPix

VCM Winter Series

Date: Various

Start Time: Varies

Each year before the marathon, runners have the chance to train with like-minded runners during the VCM winter series. It starts at Prater and you can choose between the distances of 7k, 14k, and half marathon. A very fun run but bring some more layers.

Wings for Life World Run

Date: 5 May 2024

Start Time: 11 am UTC

A global charity race, in which you will run with fellow athletes from all over the world. You can run any distance between 1k and 100k, you just have to be faster than the Catcher Car. All in all, a very nice race with a different concept and for a very good cause – 100% of the earnings go directly to the spinal cord research foundation.


Date: 21 April 2024

Start Time: TBD

The half marathon in Vienna is exactly 21k and consists of three circles along with the old parts of the Danube. Compared to the VCM it’s a little cozier with around 1000 runners. You can also run shorter distances like 7k and 14k.

Smaller and Club Races 

Vienna Night Run

Date: 17 September 2024

Start Time: 8:15 pm

The Vienna Night Run is a 5k long charity run along the Ring Road on a pleasant late summer evening. No cars, no stress, just the old buildings in the middle of Vienna with music and drums on the side. One of our favorite Vienna running races.

Vienna Three Parks Run

Date: Various

The perfect way to experience the urban diversity and green side of Vienna – a guided run that will show you just why Vienna is considered one of the world’s most livable cities.

X Cross Run

vienna running races
Photo Credits XCrossRun

Date: 13 and 15 June 2024

Start Time: TBD

The X Cross is an obstacle race taking place in Prater. You can choose between doing one round with 5k or two rounds with 10k in total. While conquering the 16 obstacles, it’s not about competition, but about fun and costumes. So take your time, some friends and some old (!) running shoes and gear in order to get dirty. Also: Fellow runners are always glad to help if you should struggle with some obstacles.

Business Run

Date: 5 September 2024

Start Time: TBD

A race for company teams consisting of 3 people each. Of course, you can have more than one team. With the distance of 4.1k through Prater it’s a great run for beginners as well seasoned runners, and overall a great teambuilding opportunity.

Vienna Trail Run

Date: 20 October 2024

Start Time: 9 am

This one is less dirty than the previous one, but not less fun. It takes place in the Viennese Woods and you can choose between the “Light Trail” with 6.4k and 290m of vertical climb and the “Classic Trail” with 14k and 590m of vertical climb. So better pack your surefootedness and be ready to gain some altitude.

Of course this is just a small selection of the many Vienna Running Races. If you are looking for a rather individual running tour, you can always book one of ours. For more information on running in Vienna you can check out my guide to running in the city here. So put on your sneakers and have a good run!

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