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Running playlists in 2017 long-run-playlist


If you – like me – use music as your secret performance enchasing drug when running then this article is what you have been looking for. The best running playlists in 2017 are two playlists that I’ve wanted for too long that I finally decided to create them. I hope you will enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

Because let’s be honest, shall we: we all have those days when we’d rather stay in bed instead of venturing out into the cold and dark morning. That period of the year is fast approaching. January is when you might most need some motivation to get you into your running shoes. You can be proactive and refresh your playlist with these songs that were recommended by top athletes such a Michael Phelps, Sarah Haskins etc. completed with our own tested favourites. In low season, us guides in GO! Running Tours squeeze runs in on our own, and here these tunes are currently what’s being played. If you are instead looking for a running buddy you can request one here for a private run in Copenhagen.

Both playlists below are approximately 2 hours long but you can go crazy and even combine them for one ridiculously long playlist. We will occasionally update them with new songs so feel free to send us your favourite pump up jams. Songs that help you beating the wall during your marathon or gets you in your running gear on a super early morning. Don’t forget to let us know which songs got stuck on repeat on your playlist.

Best running playlists in 2017

Running Motivation by RunCPH

Top athletes favourite pump-up jams will keep your motivation up.

Running playlists in 2017 running-motivation-playlist

Running motivation is a collection of songs that put super humans into the zone. We included some of the favourite pregame songs from Michael Phelps Olympic swimmer, Sarah Haskins Olympic triathlete,  Patrik Vidakovics Kick-boxing World Champion, Mohammed Ahmed Olympic runner among many others. Have a sneak peak into their playlist to see the motivational melodies they listen to before they compete. In addition to these favourite of the athletes on the running playlist 2017, then there is also the “Go!” tune, which is an intentional shout out to our Go! Running Tours colleagues around the world.

Long Run mix by RunCPH

This ultimate running playlist will keep you motivated on those hard long runs.

Running playlists in 2017 long-run-playlist

These songs might end up putting on repeat and sticking in your head. The Long Run playlist is ideal for marathon training or a long weekend run. It will surely dominate your workout and keep your at runner’s high.

We will be adding new playlists to our Spotify page so make sure you subscribe and don’t miss out on the best running melody.

Stay tuned! (literally 🙂 )

Above was a humble pre-Christmas present to our fantastic guests and followers! If you are still on the hunt for last minute ideas for your beloved runner friends and family then a GO! Running Tours Gift Card might get you brownie points as best gift giver.

Happy Christmas, running and listening!




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