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San Francisco Marathon


Welcome to your guide to the top running races in San Francisco for 2024. Discover the excitement of the San Francisco Marathon, the legendary Bay to Breakers, and the challenging Dipsea Race. Enjoy running in San Francisco’s scenic routes, with iconic landmarks and breathtaking views at every turn.

The San Francisco Marathon

Date: 28 July 2024

Photo Credit: San Francisco Marathon Website

The San Francisco Marathon is a premier running race offering scenic views of the Golden Gate Bridge and city skyline. It’s perfect for runners seeking a challenging course and unforgettable experience.

Bay to Breakers

Photo Credit: Bay to Breakers Website

Date: 18 May 2025

Bay to Breakers is a historic 12k running race through San Francisco, celebrated for over 100 years. It’s a fun race for everyone, with cheering crowds and vibrant costumes, perfect for a unique running experience.

DipSea Race

Photo Credit: Hoodline Website

Date: 8 June 2025

The Dipsea Race, first run in 1905, is America’s oldest trail running race. This scenic 7.4-mile course from Mill Valley to Stinson Beach is renowned for its beauty and challenge. With a unique handicapping system, it’s a grueling yet popular race limited to 1,500 runners.

San Francisco Summer of Love

Date: Various
Distance: 11K

The San Francisco Summer of Love tour takes you from City Hall to Golden Gate Park through the famous Haight Ashbury neighborhood. Run where iconic 1970s concerts shaped the city’s history. Enjoy scenic stops like Alamo Square, Golden Gate Park, and Haight Street. Perfect for history buffs, park aficionados, or anyone in between. For those not running a marathon, we offer several exciting run tours to explore San Francisco..

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