Brisbane is located in the south east corner of Queensland and is the 3rd largest city in Australia. Known for our laid back lifestyle, balmy summer nights and outdoor living; “Brissy” is a must visit place for first timers or those who haven’t been in a while.


What our Customers are Saying:

Brisbane is the capital of the state of Queensland, know as the “Sunshine State”. Need we say more? We have plenty of sunshine to go around with 2/3 of our year without rain. The summer mornings are bristling with energy while winter days offer a refreshing welcome. We run all year round with the minor wardrobe adjustments needed between seasons and we avoid the sun during summer (perfect for morning or dusk runs through).

At just under 200 years old, Brisbane started out as a penal colony for convicts coming from the already settled city of Sydney. After 2 decades the area was opened up to free settlers and so began the establishment of Brisbane as we know it today. Set inland from the Morton Bay region, the city is divided by the Brisbane river which winds some 344km through the south east from the ocean to Mt Stanley. It is in many ways what brings us together as well as separating the north and south, joined only by our many mixed use bridges. Whilst the river makes for spectacular views, a place to play or relax and cruise on, it also brings the power of mother nature and the many floods we have experiences over the years show the true extremes that are so unique to the Australia ecosystem.

With dedicated pedestrian infrastructure right atop the water, Brisbane is very catering to runners and for the most part we enjoy flat, open sections of path (We have some hills too if that’s your thing). Water and toilets are usually never to far away either so we have no doubt you’ll have a relaxed and enjoyable time with us.



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